Those Who Can’t – Amazon Originals Pilot

Those Who Can't - Amazon Originals Comedy Pilot Poster

Recently I posted some of my thoughts on the recent Amazon Comedy Pilot Episodes for Zombieland and Alpha House as well as the concept of the pilot scheme itself.

I only got chance to watch a handful of these pilot shows myself, but here are my thoughts on the third one – Those Who Can’t.

Those Who Can’t follows the silly and childish antics of three juvenile teachers at a high school who are not only more immature than the students they teach but also more concerned about getting them back with revenge pranks than providing them with a good education.  As is usually the case with revenge pranks, they will likely get more and more extreme and out of hand the longer they go on – assuming we get more episodes?

This show is not going to be for everyone, but if you like silly comedies or have a “Funny or Die” sort of sense of humour then this show should be right up your street.

What do I like about the show?

  • Very funny, just my kind of humour
  • Good characters overall
  • I like the dynamic between the main teachers; I love how immature they are… they’re as bad as the kids and that’s great
  • The librarian character could add something good to the show
  • I love the dinner lady – she’s far to hot to be working there – lets see something of her in every episode
  • Generally good writing with funny dialogue
  • With a bit more budget and higher production values this show could be a winner
  • I would definitely like to see more of this show
  • Oh yeah, and the opening credits are funny – especially the bog wash!

What do I like least about the show?

  • The production values are a little on the low side – it feels low budget, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – for webisodes it would be fine, but for TV it needs a bit more budget and a bit more polish
  • It’s verging on Funny or Die territory – again, not necessarily a bad thing, but it could be improved slightly
  • The school principle – I don’t really buy into the fact that he is the principle, he doesn’t look the part at all.  It’s all about the way he looks and dresses though, I was fine with everything he said and did in the episode and he can be a funny character – but I just didn’t like the way he looked.  Sort the hair and beard out and dress him in a suit and that might work.  Maybe he needs a comb-over?
  • A little unsure about one of the teachers being so covered in tattoos, but I guess it sort of works as part of the story.

Overall, I liked this show and would like to see more.  Hopefully we can see the students giving the teachers more hard times so they always have a good reason to get some kind of revenge on the students.

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