Mike’s Micro Movie Reviews – Episode 5

It may have been a while since the last episode of Mike’s Micro Movie Reviews, but he has still been busy watching movies over the December-January period. Here’s a selection of some of his recent viewings.

Argo - Movie Poster


Glad this was still showing at the Shaftsbury Ave Odeon late last year as I had a free ticket. My word – a brilliant film; intelligent, engaging work from Ben Affleck – I said at the time “If this is not mentioned for an Academy Award then I’m a Dutchman!” Period setting of the Iran hostage was flawless, a real nail biting thriller as the true story built to a climax… Drama perfectly offset by the humour in the script of the Hollywood characters whose job is to create the fake movie for the hostages alibi… (if you don’t know anything of the plot…)

Mike’s Rating: 9/10

The Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey)

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey - Movie Poster
The Hobbit

For me, this was the perfect long movie for the Boxing Day blues… Not being a superfan of the fantasy ‘Games of Thrones’ type culture I haven’t seen anything this epic since the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but for me it did not disappoint. Stunning cinematography, great effects, battle scenes and sweeping aerial shots, all brought together by a huge, varied and talented cast! Ian McKellen arguably a joint lead with Martin Freeman – who’s version of Baggins was great and justified Peter Jackson’s patience in landing him, and nice cameos from Elijah Wood, Bret McKenzie, Gollum and other old faces… Still remains the only Tolkien book I have read since I was a kid long ago.

Mike’s Rating: 8/10

The Bourne Legacy - Movie Poster
The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy

The other critics were right! Something was missing with this fourth Bourne instalment, and it certainly wasn’t Jeremy Renner’s fault playing the lead vice Matt Damon… In my view the issues were all technical – a better script and story edit were needed – what the other agents did and how they were connected to Treadstone… The ending felt too rushed to me as well…

Mike’s Rating: 6/10

The Raid - Redemption Movie Poster
The Raid

The Raid (Serbuan Maut)

Unusual meeting of Welsh director and Indonesian cast of martial arts experts and acrobats – result – slightly predictable but relentlessly action packed cops vs. gangsters in a Jakarta tower block – my word the bullets, death count and in your face graphic violence were intense – a remarkable pace!

Mike’s Rating: 7/10

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