Mike’s Micro Movie Reviews – Episode 4

The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe - Movie Poster
The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe

The Woman In Black

Hmm… NEVER go to a city centre movie theatre at 14:00 on a Saturday afternoon to see a 12A film!  The worst audience I’ve ever known for annoying chav kids and Potter weirdoes!

Never seen Daniel Radcliffe in anything before, didn’t particularly like him, and he had little script, just had to look scared a lot! Having said that, this was enjoyable enough with some jumpy moments, and well set. Apparently written by Jane Goldman (Kick Ass and Jonathan Ross’ missus) and differs quite a bit from the book and stage play according to my sister who is a bigger fan of this stuff.

Mike’s Rating: 6/10

The Company Men - Movie Poster
The Company Men

The Company Men

Really enjoyed this – a topical scenario of 3 workers from a big corporate office in Boston who become victims of the recession/greed culture, and how it affects each of their own lives. Especially impressed by Tommy Lee Jones performance he brought a touching humility and ethical edge to his top executive character. And I like Ben Affleck too maybe the media have been too harsh on his turkey films which are now firmly in the past!

Mike’s Rating: 8/10

Biutiful with Javier Bardem - Movie Poster
Biutiful with Javier Bardem


Well I must say, this was not the Barcelona I remember when I made a trip in my student days! A very bleak and moving film hitting home the abject poverty in which immigrant classes survive in so called developed cities. Javier Bardem deserved his Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language film. Hard to criticise any aspect really, maybe it was a bit meandering and could have been edited down to a shorter duration. I’m a big fan of Spanish director Inarritu – recommended.

Mike’s Rating: 7/10

By Michael Court.

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