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The Adjustment Bureau – Review

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Thankfully I had avoided seeing the full trailers or even reading much about The Adjustment Bureau, before seeing it.  The result is that I really enjoyed it more than I expected to.  The biggest problem with this film though is the poster and the marketing campaign for the film…”Bourne meets Inception”?  That is quite misleading in my opinion, don’t believe it.

Matt Damon is a front-running politician for New York State and it’s love at first sight when he meets a talented ballerina – Emily Blunt in a chance meeting.  But strange forces seem to be keeping them apart.  In many ways, The Adjustment Bureau is a Romantic drama and a thriller with an engaging Sci-Fi twist.

Its that Sci-Fi element that I absolutely love about this film which is actually inspired by the short story Adjustment Team written by Philip K. Dick, a true Sci-Fi legend also known for inspiring other great Sci-Fi films such as Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall.

This film also picks up an extra nod of appreciation for its stellar casting and brilliant New York City locations.

My Rating: 8/10

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