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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel – Movie Review

In light of the recent release of the excellent time travel movie Looper, I decided to dig out my review of Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel from 2009. I’m guessing this little British film would have been missed by many, so here’s your chance to find out more.

This little BBC/HBO-produced film is about as British and low budget as they come; although it does star American actress Anna Faris – better known by most for her role as Cindy in the Scary Movie films. Anna Faris would have been the biggest name at the time of the film’s release.

These days the film’s biggest name is arguably Chris O’Dowd who we all know and love as Roy from the excellent Channel 4 sitcom The IT Crowd. American readers not familiar with The IT Crowd should check it out immediately!

The pub featured in the movie is definitely one I recognise from somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot remember where from right now. Is it Spaced, or Sean of the Dead? – Let me know in the comments below if you know it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel - Movie Still - Pub Massacre
Pub Massacre – a movie still from Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

What’s it all about?

In short – three blokes discuss time travel in the pub then discover a time porthole in the gent’s toilets and skip through time (like you do). During their quirky adventure, they do their best to take into account ‘The Rules’ of time travel such as the Butterfly Effect, or the Grandfather Paradox.

It’s a bizarre film that is nice and short, making it easily watchable after coming in from the pub yourself. It’s fairly entertaining while it lasts, but won’t be sticking with you too long after you’ve seen it. This is definitely a TV sort of movie, perfect for Netflix subscribers who have seen everything.

From a sense of humour point-of-view, it does have a vibe of coming from the same sort of stable as Sean of the Dead or Spaced, although not really up to the same standards.

This is definitely one for sci-fi fans looking for a bit of a geekfest, its perfectly watchable for those kinds of viewers and there are lots of references and Easter-eggs to keep you happy. Look out for the movie posters at the theatre – the posters feature original or working titles for movies such as Close Encounter of the Third Kind, Back to the Future or E.T.

Non-geeks and non-sci-fi fans probably won’t enjoy this at all though.

My Rating: 5/10

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