Mini and Micro Movie Reviews

I have decided I will also include Mini and Micro film reviews whenever possible on this site.  Hopefully I can uploaded these more frequently than other posts to help keep things fresh.

The films featured in these mini or micro reviews will be a mixture of old and new from all genres.  They will usually (but not always) be films I have seen for the first time and may have been viewed in the cinema, via rental or even on regular TV.

By their nature these reviews will not be overly detailed, but a simple summary of what the film is basically about (spoiler free) and my brief thoughts.  You should get an idea whether or not I liked the film and hopefully you will have enough of an idea if the film will appeal to you or not too.

Bare in mind that just because I do or do not like a film, doesn’t mean you will agree with my thoughts.  After all, as is the nature of any review, it is just the opinion of the author – in this case me.

So what are the differences between the types of reviews I will include on this site?

Full Movie Review

These will be single posts with a detailed in-depth film review.

Mini Movie Reviews

These mini movie review posts are quite literally, just that.  Like film reviews – only smaller.  Quick and easy to read, you should get a nice idea about the film and what I thought of it.

Micro Movie Reviews

Micro movie review posts are like tiny, tiny film reviews – usually only 1 or 2 paragraphs at most. Due to the extra small size of these reviews, these posts will consist of two or more films with a very short review for each.

About the Author: Chris Russell has a passion for movies, films and cool TV shows and loves to share that passion here on Movie Retrospect where readers can join the discussion in the comments below or directly to Chris though his Google+ profile. If you enjoyed this post, please follow @MovieRetrospect on Twitter.

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